December 4-6, 2019​


Global Summit 2019

  co-create your future competency!


The first !MPACT is completed with great success thanks to great passionate participants and wonderful masters!

35 participants from 5 different countries enjoyed the three-day !MPACT journey filled with new skills and techniques, insights, inspiration, knowledge, laughter to share and we have placed the first step stone towards the global !MPACT community. 

See you again at !MPACT 2020

Here are some remarks and feedback from our !MPACT community.

 Why comes first!! What and how comes after!

 Importance in diversity and team work~

 Multiple alternative futures

 Make an impact, starting from small things

 Constant Action

 There are treasures in Dark Cave

 Balance, Balance, Balance

 Ideas on the table are no longer mine but ours


 Chance to think and see the future differently

 Now I will create my own future

 Future Talent?


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idea board
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미래형 리더의 조건
Day 1 Tim 2
6 pilars of future thinking
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Tim curation Day3
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Welcome to the first Global Co-creation Summit
a three-day immersive forum tailored to your needs
in making true impact in your organization.

Experts are gathering from all over the world

to co-create a comprehensive journey in

sharpening your competencies to survive in

the ever-so-dynamic future.


Filled with inspiration, co-creative insights and practical workshops,
you will gain a substantial boost in your leadership and communication skills
to co-create the journey of innovation with your teams.

Experience world-class creative leadership, gamification, visualization,
leadership curation for innovative organizational design, case studies, discussions
and integrated project demonstrations!

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추상 모양 1

Future Competencies

Unleashing our inner selves & creativity

Facing the future & required competencies

Challenge the status to seek real change


Skill up for Future

5 Master Classes

Deep dive to specialize with
2 sessions of your choice

from 5 Future Competences


Co-create your Future

& Make an !MPACT

Application of tools in tackling challenges
Co-create your future with action plans
Share and enrich with peers and experts


Jimbo Clark

Thinking in and out of BOX

Define your 'BOX' and learn strategies to extend your boundaries for improving your thinking and connecting to a more powerful vision of what you really want.

James Bishop


Gamify contents and objectives to include the ever-so-powerful intrinsic motivators and engagement instead of passive force-feeding 

Dr. Mei Mei Song

Futures Studies

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Timothy Hamons

Visual Power

Learn to maximize personal and organizational creativity through visual thinking and facilitation to capture and synthesize key conversations

Dr. Jade Chung

Co-creative Curation

Become an 'Innovation Curator' for fostering innovative culture and collaboration towards building the agile organization of the future

5 Masters



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