December 4-6, 2019​

Global Summit 2019

  co-create your future competency!

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Why do we need to transform into a Future Organization?

What are the competencies of Future Talent?

How do we curate and develop Future Talent in the Agile environment?



is the foundation of creative platform leadership for fostering ingenious ideas and solutions
used by Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM and NIKE.


 > Unlock your true capabilities

 > Strengthen your leadership

 > Truly engage and motivate others

 > Employ strategic thinking and decision-making

 > Co-create powerful measures and make genuine !MPACT on your organization.


Master world-class creative leadership, gamification, communication, visualization tools,
and innovative organization curation through discussions, participation,
and integrated project demonstrations!


Welcome to the first Global Co-creation Summit
a three-day immersive forum tailored to your needs
in making true impact in your organization.

Experts are gathering from all over the world

to co-create a comprehensive journey in

sharpening your competencies to survive in

the ever-so-dynamic future.


Filled with inspiration, co-creative insights and practical workshops,
you will gain a substantial boost in your leadership and communication skills
to co-create the journey of innovation with your teams.

Experience world-class creative leadership, gamification, visualization,
leadership curation for innovative organizational design, case studies, discussions
and integrated project demonstrations!

Future Competencies

Unleashing our inner selves & creativity

Facing the future & required competencies

Challenge the status to seek real change


Skill up for Future

5 Master Classes

Deep dive to specialize with
2 sessions of your choice

from 5 Future Competences


Co-create your Future

& Make an !MPACT

Application of tools in tackling challenges
Co-create your future with action plans
Share and enrich with peers and experts


5 Future Competencies


In-and-out of

the BOX

Define your 'BOX' & learn strategies to extend your boundaries for improving your thinking and connecting to a more powerful vision of what you really want.

Gamify contents and objectives to include the
intrinsic motivators and engagement instead of passive force-feeding 

Futures studies such as experiential futures, gamification of futures tools, and integration of futures thinking & design thinking

Visual Power

Learn to maximize personal and organizational creativity through visual thinking and facilitation to capture and synthesize key conversations



Become an 'Innovation Curator' for fostering innovative culture and collaboration towards building the agile organization of the future


Futures Studies


Session Title: Gamification & Game-Based Learning

Master: James Bishop

Session Objective

Learn and apply the fundamentals of gamification and how designing content to learners intrinsic motivators will always be more impactful than force-feeding content.

Session Introduction

This whole session will be gamified. No more death-by-PowerPoint!

Learners should expect more from us, as leaders and learning enablers from all industries.

In this fast-paced half-day session, you will experience gamification and game-based learning, and how it will increase engagement of participants, and increase learning retention … more importantly, you will see how we can measure application of knowledge in the workplace.

Please note that this is NOT a lecture … it’s an interactive learning environment. Come prepared to deeply learn and connect.

Key Agenda

  • What is / isn’t gamification

  • Explore the key motivators of learners

  • Experience gamification and game-based learning

  • Design your own gamified learning experience

  A dynamic facilitator, learning experience designer and team coach,


James Bishop brings with him over 25 years of experience and insights in managing and leading projects in a variety of industries, countries and cultures.
Over the last 10 years, James has designed and delivered over 600 days of programs in 20 countries to more than 20,000 people from over 145 companies.
More specifically, James is a master at the Gamification of the learning journey and also the workshop, conference and event experience. Some tools he may use to support a process may include LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method, Gallups CliftonStrengths, ESP (Empathy for Style Preference) Game, Thinking-In-and-Out-of-the-Box Method, The 2030 SDGs Game.
James is also one of the Founders of Brains-on-the-Beach (, a Public Benefit Company (PBC), bringing together the best coaches, trainers, facilitators and business experts to develop workplace solutions for corporate and NGO clients around the world.
A native of New Zealand and long term resident of Hong Kong, James has also resided in the UK and Australia.
James has come a long way from his early years working in the rainforests of New Zealand's national parks to the urban jungles of Asia. Corner him with a good espresso and he'll share a few tales. 

James Bishop |Gamification

Session Title: Build a Better Box

Master: Jimbo Clark

Session Objective

You are often told to “think out of the box,” but no one tells you what the box is. In this session you will create a physical representation of your current thinking (your box), and then will learn strategies for improving your thinking to produce better results.

Session Introduction

The biggest barrier to creativity and innovation is your past and current success. You have spent your whole life gaining the experience and competencies to be successful in life. But what happens when the world changes faster than your thinking? This session will help you define your current thinking, connect you to a more powerful vision of the future, and help you come up with new strategies for getting more of what you really want, all while experiencing less pressure.

Key Agenda

  • What is “The Box?”

  • Build your Box

  • Learn from your box

  • Build a Better Box

  Jimbo Clark is an innovator.


He is also a facilitator of innovation.


He has worked with hundreds of leadership teams around the globe on how to create the conditions for more innovative and creative answers to the challenges of business, leadership and life.


He is the creator of “The Box,” a tool used by 14,000 people in 20 countries to improve results by reflecting on the status quo thinking that is producing current results, and making a conscious decision to think differently in order to achieve better results, all while experiencing less pressure and more joy in the process.


He is currently the lead facilitator for Lenovo’s global “Leading Innovative Teams” initiative, traveling around the globe inspiring leaders to not only think different, but to lead differently as well.

Jimbo Clark |Thinking In & Out of the Box

Session Title

: An Intro to Futures Thinking & Strategic Foresight

Master: Dr. Mei Mei Song

Session Objective

Understand what Futures Thinking is and what it can do. Expand your imagination and create alternative futures. Learn a few core tools and methods to set you and your organization on a journey towards proactive future oriented decision-making.

Session Introduction

The future does not exist, but it can be imagined. Knowing how to imagine the future can empower you to create the authentic future that you and your organization want instead of imitating someone else’s. You will also start seeing the present realities with new eyes and train yourself to spot new possibilities for your preferred future. In this workshop, you will not only experience tools and methods that can help you anticipate how the world might change but also co-create your own images of the future, as well as expand and deepen them. In addition, we will talk, draw, laugh, feel, and learn our way to a new dimension of thought and decision making. 

Key Agenda

•    Time Machine: Sensing the future 
•    Time Prism: Making sense of Change
•    Emerging Issues: What the future might have in store for us
•    Futures Wheel: Expanding imaginations about the future
•    Case Studies in Futures: Who’s using Futures
•    Feedback and Debriefing: Making sense of everything

  Dr. Meimei Song is a professional futurist, consultant, and life long educator.

Through her current roles as the Founder and Director of Futures3, Dr. Song uses her teaching spirit to bring Futures Thinking and Strategic Foresight & Planning to thousands of students, teachers, policy-professionals, high-level executives, and product developers from the public, private, for-profit, and non-profit fields.


Dr. Song holds a Doctorate in Education from Columbia University, and is a well-respected member of the international Futures Studies community who’s research and professional work focuses on using Futures Studies as a medium for transdisciplinary education. This includes the integration of Futures Studies and Design Thinking, Creativity in Engineering Education, Experiential Futures, and the general Democratization and Proliferation of Futures Thinking.

She is currently a fellow and executive board member at the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF). She is also an Adjunct Professor at the Stanley Wang D-School at National Taiwan University (NTU) where she teaches interdisciplinary courses found at the intersection of Futures Studies, Design Thinking, Urban Planning, and many more.


With over 15 years’ experience in higher education and research, Meimei has delivered hundreds of workshops in both English and Mandarin, bringing Futures Studies to people from a multitude of professional and personal backgrounds.

Dr. Mei Mei Song |Futures Studies


Session Title

: Visual Future Lab

Master: Tim Hamons

Session Objective

As leaders, we are expected to navigate complex terrain and steer our organizations confidently into an unknown future. Visual tools can help us to clarify current complexities, create a compelling future vision, and identify new solutions in between.

Session Introduction

9 out of 10 professionals will tell you they cant draw and so they don't, cutting themselves off from perhaps their greatest tool for thinking, communicating and problem-solving. In this hands on session, we will work with you to bust some of the barriers to thinking and working visually and demonstrate how you can use visual tools to clarify your communication in a variety of business and leadership settings including: Visioning, branding, strategising, pitching. We will introduce a simple framework for visual innovation that you can use to map out challenges and solutions. Ultimately, you will stand up and pitch your leadership idea through a visual framework and with a marker in your hand!

Key Agenda

  • Build your visual vocabulary

  • Organize and clarify your thoughts as visual models, diagrams, metaphors

  • Map your future agenda

  • Visualising moments of clarity as a leader

  • Pitch your idea using visuals

   Tim Hamons is a visual thinking strategist and visual storyteller.


Over the past 25 years he has worked with over 100 organisations and leadership teams across a broad range of industries including healthcare, Technology, finance and consulting, to clarify their challenges, navigate changes, and articulate future visions using maps, models and visual stories.


He has trained and consulted with over 500 professionals in 15 countries using his strategic frameworks on visual facilitation. Over the past 7 years, he has created visual strategy maps in more than 700 meetings. He is the creator of ‘Visual Facilitation Lab’, a training program that empowers leaders, and professionals with the mindset and toolset to navigate the dynamic and complex landscapes of business, leadership, and change through visual sense-making.


One of our notable clients, founder and former CEO of Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, in his closing remarks at the end of a 2-day leadership development program, invited his young leadership team to think bigger through visual stories and acknowledged Tim and his team’s work in helping them to see and create their future.


Tim would be happy to have a conversation over coffee on how you can change the world with a marker in your hand, one drawing at a time.

Timothy Hamons|Visual Curator

Session Title: Visual Leaders - BIDO

Master: Irene Hamons

Session Objective

Breath in and Draw Out. See the BIG Picture and move forward to Vision 2020-2030. Be one of 1st Leaders in your industry that master the adaption of Visuals to consolidate ideas, efforts, facilitate strategic conversation.

Session Introduction

(1) Team Vision vs. My Vision. Learn the 5 “buckets” of Visioning, and Gap Analysis.


(2) Leader as Facilitator Learn to support conversation and facilitate capturing of outputs.

•Process vs Content

•Strategic Co-Creation

•Clarify/ Externalize / Visualize Process

•Tools for facilitative leadership

Key Agenda

  1. BIDO - Visioning, and Gap Analysis -1. current state, 2. Future desired state, 3. NPP (Needs, Purpose, Principles) 4. Gaps (whats not working), 5. Strategy (what we are doing well, what we want to keep and ways to bridge the GAP).

  2. Visual Strategy - Strategy +People, Strategy +Process, Strategy +Future/Ideation, Strategy +Customers

   Irene Sunshine Hamons is a committed and encouraging leader, a transformational speaker, and a visual facilitator at Art of

Awakening. She is passionate about supporting learners to apply new skills in work and life. After a 13 year career in the hospitality and tourism industry, cumulating in her last held position as the Head of Admissions, Youth Leaders Mentor and Chairman of School Events Committee for SHATEC (Singapore Hotel and Tourism Education Centre), Irene decided to bring her experience in training and project management, together with her lifelong passion for art and creativity, and merge with a creative thinking consultancy.


In 2011, she co-founded Art of Awakening; a communication solutions consultancy employing creative and visual thinking processes and tools to support businesses and educational environments to boost learning and clarify communications. As a strong believer in the impact of visuals to the learning process, Irene and her partner developed and launch their signature programme “Visual Facilitation Lab” in 2016. The programme received Global attention and within a year, they were conducting their signature programme in Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Japan and China. 


Irene consistently creates opportunities for her team and community to visual practise and providing them with extensive exposure to visual environment at events that contribute to their personal visual growth & community development. Some of her recent contribution includes IAF Asia Conference 2014 - 2019 (Singapore, Taiwan, Seoul, Osaka, KL), HR Summit 2014-2017, Tedx Ghangi Airport Group, Tedx Singapore, Tedx Pickering Street, M2020, IxDD Singapore 2018

Irene Hamons|Visual Curator


Session Title: Innovation Curator Training Course

Master: Dr. Jade Chung

Session Objective

Learn core concept to become a ‘Innovation Curator’ who can apply the innovative culture and lead the collaboration toward more agile and future organization. 

Session Introduction

Innovation Curators infuse the innovation DNA into the organization and guide the collaboration projects. They are the key players who can prepare the organization ready for future uncertainty. Understand who are  the innovation curators’ principles and tactics, and learn the mindset and skillset, process, toolkits, best practices with a lot of case studies.

Key Agenda

  • Role of Innovation Curator

  • The basics of innovation curator and co-creation philosophy

  • Case studies in Fortune 100 companies

  • Tool kits and skillsets of Innovation Curator 

  • Action Learning to design my real case

    Dr. Jade Chung has always been the rising star, winning numerous 'first female executive‘ titles in many companies in her 25-year career in HR. She has held various HR executive positions including Continental Automotive Korea, GE Korea and Sun Microsystems, spanning through various sizes and stages of businesses covering thousands of employees and 185 countries in various industries including IT, consumer retail, infrastructure, healthcare and automotive. She was nominated as the Top Global 100 HR Influencers in the World HRD Congress 2017, and won Jeff Immelt’s Most outstanding Leader Award at GE, 2014. As the founder of re:BOX Consulting, she now aspires to build a networked platform of global and local service partners, academia, top CHRO members and the government to holistically offer out-of-the-box solutions for organizational challenges. She is entirely redefining the way leadership training and organizational consulting is done, and provides invaluable leadership insights and coaching to help talented women and professionals prepare for executive roles.

Dr. Jade Chung|Co-creative curation

Program at a glance



Build up my future competency

14:00 Registration

Networking & Greetings

14:30 Opening & Agenda Overview

 by Dr. Jade Chung, re:BOX Consulting, Korea

Introduce of the facilitators, organizers and go over the agenda

15:00 Keynote Speech

: Questioning the Future  

 by Dr. Mei Mei Song, Tamyang University, Taiwan

Dr. Song will share her recent research regarding Future of works, that are centers around newer ways of teaching futures studies such as experiential futures, gamification of futures tools, and integration of futures thinking and design thinking in an active/interactive format.

15:20 SDG Game

: Future Work & Graphic Recording 

 by James Bishop, KORU, New Zealand

by Timothy Hamons, Art of Awakening, USA 

The complexity and interdependency of sustainability and change: James will introduce the unique game of Sustainable Development Goal, and the participants will immerse themselves into our current timeline, to see how they can impact the world in both positive and negative way. Timothy will make a brief introduction about Graphic Recording and demonstrate the visual facilitation during the session.

17:20 Dialogue
: 5 Future Competencies

moderated by Dr. Jade Chung, re:BOX Consulting

participating facilitators:  
Jimbo Clark, James Bishop, Tim Hamons,
Dr. Mei Mei Song

5 facilitators, each of them is a master in one of the listed future competencies, will envision the future and share their treasures knowledge and experience about the most wanted future proficiency and competency. During the dialogue, all participants will be able to gain the basic knowledge and learn the significance of those skills they offer, based on which, all the participants can take a sneak peek of the skills they will learn next day. 

17:50 Wrap-up


in: BOX

Build up my future competency

8:30 Registration

9:00 My Future Competency Showcase 1 : Morning Class

3 classes will run simultaneously to learn and experience the selected area of future competency: co-creation, futuristic, image. Each class will have a maximum participant of 15 by first come, first serve rule. At the class, the participants will have a transformative experience through lecture, workshop, game and other action-based learning to solve a real-life problem of Sustainability. 

i.     An Intro to Futures Thinking & Strategic Foresight
 Dr. Mei Mei Song
ii.    Visual Future Lab: Tim & Irene Hamons
iii.   Innovation Curator Training: Dr. Jade Chung 

13:00 Lunch Break

14:00 My Future Competency Showcase 2 : Afternoon Class

Another two classes will take place under same format and different subjects.

i.      Build a Better Box: Jimbo Clark

ii.    Gamification & Game Based Learning: James Bishop

iii.   Innovation Curator Training: Dr. Jade Chung


18:00 Networking Evening



Share and give an impact!

8:30 Registration 

9:00 Identifying issue & Expand ideas

!MPACT Workshop Part 1

James Bishop, KORU, New Zealand

Jimbo Clark, InnoGreat, USA

4 to 5 participants with different background in profession, experience and education will team up to solve a real-life problem. The facilitators will guide each team to go through each step of co-creation workshop of transformative experience. 

11:30 Lunch Break

13:00 Sharing & Planning

!MPACT Workshop Part 2

James Bishop, KORU, New Zealand

Jimbo Clark, InnoGreat, USA

Each team will share their experience and solution to the problem and build collective intelligence. Once the solution is agreed upon, the application of the solution will be planned together.

16:30 Curation & Declaration
: Action Plan

 by Dr. Jade Chung, re:BOX Consulting, Korea

Dr. chung will curate the workshop for each team. Each participant will find a meaning in their learning experience during the forum, which will be a strong take-away they will work on for next few months and lead to the real transformation.


17:00 Closing Event

 the !MPACT Certification of Attendance

The certification is granted, and the completion of the event is announced with the outcome of the workshop in hand. Each participant will be promised the ‘Certification od Complete’ and the condition for the certification will be presented. 





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Jimbo Clark

Thinking in and out of BOX

Define your 'BOX' and learn strategies to extend your boundaries for improving your thinking and connecting to a more powerful vision of what you really want.

James Bishop


Gamify contents and objectives to include the ever-so-powerful intrinsic motivators and engagement instead of passive force-feeding