Jimbo Clark is an innovator.


He is also a facilitator of innovation.


He has worked with hundreds of leadership teams around the globe on how to create the conditions for more innovative and creative answers to the challenges of business, leadership and life.


He is the creator of “The Box,” a tool used by 14,000 people in 20 countries to improve results by reflecting on the status quo thinking that is producing current results, and making a conscious decision to think differently in order to achieve better results, all while experiencing less pressure and more joy in the process.


He is currently the lead facilitator for Lenovo’s global “Leading Innovative Teams” initiative, traveling around the globe inspiring leaders to not only think different, but to lead differently as well.

Jimbo Clark |Thinking In & Out of the Box


Session Tile: Build a Better Box

Session Objective

You are often told to “think out of the box,” but no one tells you what the box is. In this session you will create a physical representation of your current thinking (your box), and then will learn strategies for improving your thinking to produce better results.

Session Introduction

The biggest barrier to creativity and innovation is your past and current success. You have spent your whole life gaining the experience and competencies to be successful in life. But what happens when the world changes faster than your thinking? This session will help you define your current thinking, connect you to a more powerful vision of the future, and help you come up with new strategies for getting more of what you really want, all while experiencing less pressure.

Key Agenda

  • What is “The Box?”

  • Build your Box

  • Learn from your box

  • Build a Better Box